On-site Training Courses Offered

Scottsdale Pool Route also offers comprehensive training without having to purchase a pool route. Learn the pool service and repair business from our professionals with complete onsite training.

For someone who is only looking for education and training in the pool service and repair business, we offer a 8 week training course for 8,000.00.

Included in our program is extended phone consultation for 1 year

Visa and Mastercard accepted

What You'll Learn

- How and where to get licensed
- What starter equipment and chemicals are needed
- How to get set up with wholesale supply houses
- How to invoice
- What to charge your customers
- Water Chemistry (chemical knowledge and usage)
- Pool equipment manufacturers
- How to Diagnose Problems
- How to Clean Pools and Maintain equipment
- Repairs - On Pumps, Motors, Filters, Plumbing, Valves, Gaskets,   Cleaning systems, Timers and Lights
- How to treat green pools, yellow and black algae
- Marketing strategies

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Become A Pool Cleaning & Repair Professional