The Pool Life!

A Day in the Life of a Pool Man

Today my day starts at 7:30am. I have breakfast and I am relaxed. I no longer anticipate the stressful rush hour commute and the politics and pressures of my past work . I have a smile on my face as I walk outside to the beautiful morning with my cup of hot joe in hand. I grab my cleaning pole, put it in the back of my truck and leave for my first customers house which is 2 minutes away. Upon entering my customers backyard I grab my pole, test kit and a few chemicals.

It is very peaceful and quiet. I pause to admire the beauty of the backyard and proceed with netting out some fallen leaves that lay still on top of the water. I then remove my net attachment from my pole and replace it with my brush. I proceed to beautify the rest of the pool and empty leaf baskets. Lastly, I grab my test kit and test chlorine and ph levels to keep water beautiful and safe. I get back into my truck , turn on my morning radio news, sip my hot joe and look at my route book to see where I go next...

We love the pool service business and so will you.

A Word From A Buyer

Dave, Scottsdale - Purchased 9/2008

Several years ago, I purchased a pool route from Brett and Cory , and I found them to be both professional and ethical. Their training was very thorough and helped me succeed. I still continue to have a good working relationship with them today!

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A Typical Day At The Office