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Purchased November 2011

Last year I made the decision to purchase a pool service route after many years in the restaurant industry. After many hours of research, I met Cory and Brett and am very happy with the business foundation and service that was offered. They provided me with enough training and support to be on my own in a matter of weeks.

There has never been an instance where I contacted them with a question or unforeseen problem that they didn’t get back to me immediately.



Purchased March 2018

After researching the criterion for purchasing a pool route, I found Scottsdale Pool Route to more than meet the standard. Cory and Brett not only provided me the technical understanding, but the skill level and acumen to have a successful business.

I was always confident they were only a phone call away, ready to help with input to solve a problem I may not have previously encountered. They were patient, knowledgeable, affable, and great teachers. I have yet to find any negative factor after buying a pool route from them. I would highly recommend their service.



Purchased February 2013

As much as a year ago, I started making plans to leave my corporate position, and after preliminary conversations and doing my due diligence, I elected to “take the plunge” several months ago. In that time I have found Cory and Brett to be true to their word. The business works as promoted. I have found them to be very responsive whenever I have a question or face an unforeseen technical issue. They have not hesitated to provide the promised expertise, specialty tooling, and marketing suggestions. Scottsdale Pool Route has made me feel that I’m not going it alone in this venture rather that I’m part of a team who are all working toward the common goal of making my company successful.



Purchased February 2017

The tried and true process that Brett and Cory have put together from their years of experience in the pool service industry sets up their buyers to develop the skills and confidence to service accounts in a efficient and professional manner. Their goal seems to be to take a novice pool service provider and turn them into an expert. They realize the amount of time they will need to spend with each individual will be different. Brett and Cory takes our success and our struggles personal! They offer lifetime support; what other company does that?! They have been a pleasure to work with ever since we bought our route a year ago and the relationship continues.

Marve and Carol Tallman, A Better Pool Care & Repair



Purchased May 2015

If you are interested in getting into the pool service business and know nothing about the business, I highly receommend buying your pool route from Brett and Cory of Scottsdale Pool Route.

I bought my pool route from Scottsdale Pool Route and found the learning experience very enjoyable. The training is excellent and ongoing. Brett and Cory are very knowledgeable, and are always available to help with any aspect of the business.

Brett and Cory have lived up to all expectations of what they advertise.